Fighting against dust mites

Although dust mites are not capable to be viewed with the human eye, they are just about everywhere. There are countless of dust mites in each and every home environment. They look like very small prehistoric spider, and they tend to be disgusting looking to the typical person. Dust mites like to hang around in mattresses, pillows, and carpets. Unless your pillow is brand spanking new, most of that pillow’s weight includes both the mass of living and dead dust mites. These horrific critters feed off dead skin cells of humans. They thrive in hot, damp environments, and there is really no absolute way to reduce all of them from your home. You can wash your sheets in the hottest water, rip out those old carpets, and buy new store bought pillows and mattresses, but there will still be a whole population of dust mites living in your residence. The only thing you are able to do to try to reduce your number is by making them think that they are uninvited. One of the best defenses against dust mites can be a cool and dry home. I have combined a central air conditioner along with a whole-home dehumidifier to minimize these tiny dust mites. The air conditioner allows me to control the temperature in the house on those very hot summer days and nights. It not only brings a cool and comfortable home to life, but also spreads and filters air to the home environment. The dehumidifier removes the excess dampness in the air, and maintains an ideal relative moisture level. Because of the air conditioning in addition the added dehumidifier, my house is clean, safe, and more inviting. I don’t just fight the dust mite population, but prevent the growth of harmful mold, mildew, and bacteria. We sleep better, feel better, and experience fewer health issues. To be certain that the air conditioner helps and does not hurt my indoor air, I have it professionally looked at every spring before the summer. An HVAC technician completely cleans all the air conditioner’s parts, eliminating any bacterial growth which may have been spread into my breathing oxygen.

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