Evaluating my repair needs

It was that wonderful part of the year again. The weather was starting to become a little cooler, pumpkin flavored foods of myriad kinds had once again made their debut on the store shelves, and citizens were beginning to shop for Halloween costumes. Certainly, autumn was here in all its majestic glory. Autumn is my favorite season. It is also the ideal time to have our HVAC system fully evaluated for virtually every repair need. To properly maintain your home’s heating and cooling system, it is highly recommended that you have your HVAC system fully inspected not less than twice a year. The preferable times to have any HVAC system maintained are usually in the spring and in the autumn. The reason for this is that the more extreme seasons follow these two. You never want to enter a winter lacking a properly working furnace, nor do you want to go into the summer without a properly working air conditioner. So, if you think about it, spring and autumn are like “signposts” in our home maintenance schedule. They let us know that it’s not only a time for natural splendor, but it is also an era for HVAC system responsibility. Once I see the first leaf turn a different color in the tree in my front yard, I immediately call the local HVAC business to schedule an inspection. Signs are there to be followed. When you start to see the changing seasons as HVAC system guideposts, you will not ever have to worry about a broken air conditioner or furnace when you most need them.

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