Envious second floor

There are many pros and cons as a tenant living on the second floor of an apartment building. It’s hard to decide whether the first floor of the second floor is better. For certain, if you live on the second floor and have a patio or a lot of windows you’re able to catch a lot of sunlight into your home. While this doesn’t seem like something special, for lot of people it’s actually very important and essential. Another thing about living on the second floor that’s a relief is you’re probably less likely to have bugs creeping into your home, as first floors are usually built halfway underground. For now, that’s all I have, and you may agree to disagree, but that brings me to the advantages of the first floor which I feel outweigh the second floor advantages, and here’s why. First and foremost, they are generally closer to the laundry room, if you don’t have one in your apartment and also it is much cooler in the summer time. I absolutely hate when I have to run my air conditioner just to feel the same amount of coolness that the first-floor tenants feel. I’m sure that in the summer time, I’m spending way more money on my utility bills. Perhaps in the wintertime this is the same issue for people on the first floor, but I know plenty of ways to stay warm without having to use my heating system. One way for certain is using space heaters and this saves me tons of money in comparison to using my heating system and if there is a really cold day than I will but most days I can manage. First floor is probably better.

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