Enjoying that air conditioner

My son is in the school band. He plays the trombone and possesses to carry that heavy instrument parade. My son has to do three parades. All of them are right in the midst of Summer when it is tremendously hot. He has to wear long black pants along with carrying his heavy trombone. Personally i feel awful so bad for my youngster when he marches in parades. I may possibly get him to settle on a smaller instrument, though. I also provide tried to talk to their marching band director about less hot uniforms, but no. Lastly I have tried to talk to the head director about getting the kids to march to somewhere with AC, no again. It is actually a cruel affair watching that parade. You see about 50 too hot, sweaty kids playing instruments very poorly. They really should march from AC filled area to an additional AC unit. How has no kid passed right out yet? Why am I the only parent concerned about the lack of air conditioning here? I feel like the possible lack of AC and horrible outfits is a major safety issue. But the fact is simply that there’s nothing I can do. Just what exactly I try to do to get my son is get him as cool as they can before he goes and marches. I find the A/C cranked up high inside the car for him. I also drive to the end of his marching spot and now have the air conditioner running. Right when he ends the parade route he will whip off his outfit and luxuriate in my abundant cooling system. I also carry a ton of ice water for him and his friends that are succumbing.

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