Enjoying my A/C unit

My girlfriend Lola and I are going to be moving down south for a week. Lola is entirely  excited and can’t wait to live with me. Lola is already picking out a couch, looking at local diners and already talking about babies. I am super worried about starting a life together. I just don’t see us coexisting that  well as a pair. For 1, I am real independent and I love to be left alone. Lola enjoys to spend every waking second together. Second is that I love to go on long walks and exercise a bit. Lola is not a fan of working out and does not see it as a crucial thing, and lastly Lola definitely enjoys her air conditioner. I do not like going over to her home due to her AC. Lola correctly blasts the air conditioner when she is even kind of hot. I am always too chilled when I am in her place. In the truck Lola has all the windows down and the AC going. I never can take off my overcoat when both of us go anywhere. I love that I realize I can go back to my lake house and up the heating system. If her and I live together, I can’t escape the a/c. Lola will literally have AC going all day as well. I will always be chilled or she will always be too overheated. I know what her and I will have to do is get Heating and A/C zone control and sleep in unusual rooms.

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