Electrical coil problem

Summer time has finally arrived and these “dog days” are upon you and me. The kids are out of school and the many community pools are open from sunrise to sunset. When my spouse and I aren’t being dragged to the pool by our eager, high school-aged children, we spend some of our time together working and playing throughout the house as a family. Recently, after all of us spent an entire day together, we made our way into our house in the hunt for some cool, southern comfort–air conditioning, that is. To our surprise, the house was not comforting. When my husband went to look at our HVAC unit and assess the situation, he found out that it was cool, though… as in wicked cold cold. Stupefied, he called me and the kids to come take a look. At first glance, I didn’t know whether I was looking at our freezer or the A/C. Snow like ice was everywhere! Moreover, it seemed to be caked predominantly on the central aspects of the system. While everyone else was still in awe of what we had all just witnessed, I snapped out of this stuper, grabbed my phone, and called our local HVAC company. Because of the cordial, welcoming tone of the owner when he answered, it seemed as though seeing our number come up on his caller ID was quite a site considering we’ve been loyal customers for quite a while now. Since they were short on techs at that moment, the owner came out to the home himself to help diffuse our problem–whether to repair the A/C unit or to interchange it altogether. Thankfully, the issue was no more than an energy coil having gone bad.

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