Ductwork sealing is smart

I begun to notice that my monthly utility bill was getting higher monthly. Six months in a short period, the electric bills kept gaining higher. Since a six month span is a long time, I knew something must be wrong with my HVAC system. I called my regional HVAC repair company and scheduled a power audit appointment for the following week. When the repair assistance arrived, they tested all of the areas of our home. They found a few different parts of our HVAC ducting that would have to be sealed and retaped. The repair company found several different areas in our home that was drafty and helped us get rid of the problems. They sealed and caulked our windows that needed replaced. This HVAC repair team also weatherstripped our front and back door. I didn’t know that so much of our indoor air was escaping from the house. The repair team also cleaned and sanitized the air vents and air ducts. Once the HVAC system was clean together with sanitized, the repair company explained the significance of biyearly maintenance on our HVAC system. They were able to seal most of the holes in our A/C ducting in a little over two hours. It has been three energy bills cycles in the past, and I have noticed an immense decline in the energy expense. I’m very happy that we decided to have an energy audit completed. I am longing for savings a lot more energy savings when cold winter is over, and spring finally settles in. Then we will probably need to schedule our annual A/C system tune-up.

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