Dorm room living

I was given a full ride scholarship when I graduated high school.  I am on year two of my scholarship.  Living in the dormitories isn’t all bad.  I don’t have to worry about living expenses, or house cleaning fees.  I don’t need to worry about where I will be living next year.  The school has my back on all of my expenses, including meals.  The only bad part of that is that I need to make sure I eat during the hours the cafeteria is open.  The good thing is that I am allowed to have a mini fridge, and a microwave.  It’s great that I can stock up on munchables, and eat whenever I am really hungry.  The worst part of living in the dorm is that I don’t have any control over my heating or air conditioning.  For some reason, that no one knows about other than the maintenance crew, the heating and air conditioning comes on and goes off at really odd times.  I can be sleeping and, just like an alarm clock, the air conditioning will click on high, and wake me up.  The heating will turn on during the day, and you’ll be roasting as the sun is shining in the window.  It just never seems to be in sync with what the weather is outside, or the time of day.  I discussed the situation with my advisor, who advised me to talk to some in administration.  She said that it would probably be good to file a complaint about the HVAC situation.  The thing is that she also thinks it could be a wasted effort, and I may as well just resign myself to living with the poor heating and air conditioner, until I graduate.

air conditioning unit