Doing HVAC maintenance quickly

The weather this year has been crazy.  We have experienced everything from a drought to never ending rain.  The worst was last month when we had a terrible windstorm that knocked out the power for most of the block for just under a week. The temperatures outside were in the low 40’s so people were scrambling to find places to stay warm.  We were fortunate that our building was equipped with a backup generator.  Our local college still had power and set up the gym as a emergency center for people to stay and keep warm.  Because we still had power and our HVAC system was working, we let our friends know that they could come to our place too.  We were able to keep a pot of hot water on the stove for tea and hot cocoa. The thermostat was set to seventy-five degrees so that people would feel warm and cozy while they were with us. Because some of our neighbors have pets, they could not go the emergency shelters so they were very grateful to have a place to go.  We even let them bring their dogs and cats if they were friendly.  All in all, it was a great experience instead of a disaster. I have never felt more grateful to have access to a home heating unit. I made sure to call my landlord the night after the storm and thank him for always ensuring that we have power and heat. I made sure to let him know how much a difference it made to so many people. Some of our friends asked us to let them know when there is a vacancy in the building so they can move here too.

HVAC service plan