Do castles have good heater and AC?

I’m down to go on vacation someplace different. I have been to almost every state in the country. North, south, or southwest, I’ve done it all. I’ve also been on too many caribbean vacations at this point in my life. I’m dying to experience new sites, cuisines, and cultures. I have started my research on flying overseas to see some historical architecture. I want to visit a country where I can go to museums and observe the local culture .One place my group is looking at is known for its beautiful castles. Surprisingly, they even have castles where you can rent a room. Isn’t that better than a hotel? I love the idea of sleeping in a castle. As interesting as it would be, it has me pondering the HVAC of the castle. I doubt they would tear up the castle to put HVAC ducts in place. That would be horrible for the structural framework of a historical landmark. So I know there can’t be any HVAC ducts for heating and cooling the rooms. Is it possible to have a ductless HVAC in a castle? There would need to be a ductless mini split system to have heating and air conditioning in this situation. I’m concerned that I’ll be stuck all night in a castle that lacks temperature control. The castle is in a cold area, and I wouldn’t pay for a hotel without HVAC service. Even if the hotel is a castle, it’s still not worth the cold. I need to know if they have space heaters before I make any reservations.

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