Dinnertime Meltdown

My family had been all set to sit down to a nice relaxing dinner. It was a much needed time of relaxation. We had just suffered a huge tragedy in our city. A major flood had destroyed half of the downtown area. We were still quite shaken from it, yet relieved that our house wasn’t affected by it. About halfway through dinner, I began to feel very hot. I excused myself to go fiddle with the thermostat. I figured that if I turned the air conditioner up just a tad, it would cool me down a little. I had been overworking myself, and my body was just overheated. I waited about 20 minutes, but didn’t feel any cool air coming out of the ductwork. I got up to check the thermistor, and it indicated that the temperature had not even changed one bit! My air conditioner must be in need of repair, I thought. I finished up dinner, and excused myself again to call my friend. He was an experienced HVAC technician ,and I was hoping he could come out and help me fix my air conditioner. I really didn’t know too much about repairing an HVAC system, and I didn’t want to break it more than it already was. Luckily, he was home and agreed to help. It didn’t take him long to pull into my driveway in his beat up old truck. He swung his tool bag over his shoulder, and off we went to work on my air conditioner. With his help we had it fixed in no time!

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