Did the air conditioner crash?

My family has chosen to live in a camper for 2 years now. It’s been great to date, except for the few times our A/C unit has faltered. Living in the south on a farm has become a wonderful experience for our family, but not those when we didn’t have air conditioning, everyday life was nearly intolerable. Every time the air conditioning unit was taken down, it did the same thing. One minute it would end up humming along just normal, the other, it would make this horrendous screeching noise. After a little bit though, it would totally stop, and we wouldn’t hear it again for whole day. As the days went on, it would make the sound usually, and for longer periods of time for us. It got to the point that our screeching just wouldn’t stop, and also the AC unit would start to smell like smoke which was worrisome. That’s when you knew the air conditioner was easily on its last leg. We called a repairman a couple of times, and he told us that this problem was in the air conditioner fan’s bearings. He oiled it up for us and the screeching went at bay, for a while anyway. Eventually, there was just zero stopping the problem, and we were required to buy a window air conditioning equipment. I guess that’s just how life inside south is. If you can’t buy high quality HVAC unit, you’ll likely be stuck buying or curing your old units. I think if in the long run, we would have been better off just acquiring a new A/C unit instead of just repairing the old one regularly.

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