Deciding to put in central AC

After I decided to have central air conditioner put into my home, I started doing some looking around.  I didn’t want to make such a substantial thing without being knowledgeable about the machinery.  I thought I had a decent good idea of how an air conditioner operated, although I was bad.  The majority of cooling device are split devices, which consists of an indoor air-handling component and an outdoor condensing device.  The indoor air handler houses a good fan, a cooling coil, and the expansion device.  The outdoor component is made of a compressor and a condenser coil.  The air conditioner is working to cool and dehumidify indoor air by grazing it over a cold coil surface.  The indoor coil is really made up of rows of tubes that give refrigerant through the coil.  As the warm air goes over the indoor cooling coil, it heats the cold refrigerant and makes it into a warm gas.  The gas is then taken from the coil to the compressor, and then,  the outdoor condenser.  The heat is then taken, making condensate, as the refrigerant is condensed once more into a liquid! The whole concept is simply repeated over and once more, creating a cooling effect in the house.  The seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER) shows how effectively the air conditioner manages the cooling process.  The higher the SEER rating, the more energy efficient the device, and the lower the operational costs.  Units with a more involved SEER, however, cost far more to get.

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