A few years back I took up bicycling. I wanted to find a hobby that would not incredibly harsh on my knees because I still a trying to get over an old knee injuries from awhile ago. I knew that long distance running would really strain them, so I thought it would be a good idea to give biking a chance. It was one of the most effective decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I cycle at a minimum of three days per week, and I do many miles on a stretch when I am out on a good ride. By the time I am done with an outing, all I would like to do is go and fall on the couch in my house. Before I collapse, I always make sure to crank the air conditioner so that I can feel the cool air blowing on me through the air vents. I don’t know if I could dedicate so much time to cycling if I didn’t have such a good HVAC system to keep me perfectly cool when I arrive home. I live in a pretty hot area of the country, and I always have to guarantee that I am well hydrated so that I don’t get overheated during any rides. Knowing that I have a good cooling system to return home to you when I finish a ride is something that definitely keeps me motivated. As long as I know that I will be able to relax after a ride, I am usually willing to go the extra mile and really push myself hard. My strength and endurance have gotten much better since I started bicycling, and I feel healthier all around. I recommend it as a sport to anyone who wants something that will help them be much healthier as they get older.

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