Coworker arguments on HVAC

My job is really stressful sometimes because of certain people. One of my coworkers flips out over the silliest things. For example, we normally rotate who throws away the trash in the office and someone forgot to throw away her garbage one time and she flipped out on everyone in the office because one person didn’t take out her garbage. She is also very stubborn when it comes to adjusting the thermostat for the heating and cooling system. In the wintertime, she doesn’t allow us to turn up the heat ever. She’s an upper level employee but she’s not a manager and not my boss. However, she definitely likes to boss people around. The other day I really had to turn up the heat because it was unusually cold in the office. I went to the thermostat and turned up the heat a few degrees. She saw where I is walking and gave me the dirtiest look then proceeded to say we couldn’t touch the thermostat. I ignored her and did it anyway. She said that I was required to call an HVAC technician to have the air filter changed. I didn’t feel like arguing with her anymore and decided to just call the HVAC technician. Luckily, the technician I got the telephone was very nice and was willing to come and clean our office HVAC system that same week. The HVAC technician said they can also put it on their schedule to come out six times a year and do any necessary HVAC maintenance. I told the annoying coworker that he was coming this week and she didn’t even say thank you.  

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