cooling system and working out

I admittedly can be some obsessive about my appearance. I want to look good and feel good, and the two go hand in hand as far as I’m concerned. I worry a lot about fitness and keeping a healthy weight, and I put in a lot of work to keep myself slender. I love getting a fantastic workout, but the trouble is locating a nice cool space to exercise indoors when the summer heating is blaring outside. It’s easy enough to walk or run outdoors in the spring and summer months when the air temperature is favorable, but during the summer and winter it’s painful to  exercise in brutal heat and cold. Although the indoor air temperature is optimized for working out, I hate going to the gym more than anything. Aside from the cold, dry air conditioning provided at the gym, the whole situation is extremely awkward and I just get way too anxious going to work out at all. It’s also very difficult to get a realistic workout routine at your home in the comfort of your personal HVAC settings when you have limited space to make use of. This has been my experience as an apartment renter; I have the ability to set the indoor air temperature to be perfectly comfortable for getting exercise, but there’s no room to be active. This dilemma has mystified me for years, and caused a lot of extra stress in my life as I try to plan around the temperature to get fit.

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