Cooling issues with car

After my car accident last week, I had to set up an appointment with an insurance adjuster to assess damages to fix my car. My car is about twenty years old, and it has a lot of miles on it. The air conditioning does not works, and one of my gaskets is all messed up, so it constantly leaks petrol. Nevertheless, this old, oil-leaking, A/C deficient car is mine, and aside from that, my very first car, and as such, it holds great sentimental value for me. The accident came at an extremely bad time for me. I know that no time is a good time for a car incident, but I am getting married in a three months, and my income has been rather unstable. I was really hoping that my car probably would not be totaled because I cannot afford having a car payment right now. The adjuster looked at my car for several minutes and made all sorts of calculations. He then stated that we were right on the verge of the car being totalled. I decided not to tell him about the A/C no longer working and the issue with a gasket. As we currently stand, my car is just going to be repaired, not replaced. During the repair, the insurance company shall be giving me a rental auto. I am sure it is not luxurious, but it will ideally have air conditioning. Having air conditioning will be so wonderful after all these months of doing without it! I miss my air conditioning a great deal!

A/C equipment