Cooling issues for IT

I work for an IT company that concentrates on providing servers to customers. It’s a fairly simple business if you understand the practices and rules of web design and hosting, but the real struggle comes with hardware malfunctions. When a system fails at work, it can cause countless servers to shut down indefinitely, until we get the bank back up and functioning. We’re using a fairly old office environment, and our server banks are kept within the basement which tends to heat up with the large amount of electronics operating in there. The majority of the malfunctions are caused by overheating gear, but every solution we thought of wasn’t feasible. Big fans take up way too much space and only circulate the heat, and we absolutely can’t afford to reconfigure the ductwork for the building to push cool air inside of our basement. Finally, we reached out to an affiliate company about our problems, and they recommended buying a couple self-contained portable AC units. Despite their particular small size, they’re powerful enough to handle a full row of server hardware and they’re incredibly easy to set up. They’re a little expensive, but nowhere near as costly as renovations could be, so I figured they’d have to be OK for the time being. We bought two of these portable AC units over a year ago, and we’re happy to express that we’ve had zero heating issues since the first day they were made use of. Sometimes, the “temporary fixes” provide permanent, valued solutions.