Cooling in the dorms

While I went to college, I lived on campus first semester. After a few short months surviving in a dormitory, I realized that there would be no way I could graduate from school and keep living there. It may work for a few people, but not for me. It was eventually so hard to concentrate on my studies while living in that respect, not to mention a few other bad qualities. And that isn’t even to mention having a roommate. Sharing property with someone is bad enough, but a bedroom? No way! I value my privacy too much for that, and also I couldn’t work with sharing a thermostat with another person. My body runs hot, and always has, so I need good cooling regularly, even when most people are generally cool enough. When I lived with my folks they had central AC but I also had a unit portable air conditioner in my room only for my own needs. So as you might imagine, being stuck in a  room with another person and not just having complete autonomy for my climate control settings distracted me from success in school. Now I live life off campus, and I still have a roommate but have my own room I can run the cooling just as much as I want. I had my folks bring me the tiny portable AC unit from my home bedroom, so I is unable to worry about temperature and keep my mind centered on my books. Maybe I should just start studying about HVAC repair so I can look after myself in the future.

cooling system