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A boss does not insinuate that you are the smartest, or the strongest. In all rights, a good boss tends to surround themselves with very skilled workers, who are knowledgeable, to produce the best team they can. I am trying to say that the boss is sometimes just your boss, for no apparent reason. When I was working for Dudley, he was my boss given it was his business, and he was the one who paid our wages. Then, I was put in charge, the month he went on vacation. I was vibrant and dumb, so It was a challenging week. I didn’t really find out how to run an HVAC repair business. Everyone around me was clever, talented, and educated employees, every bit of whom had some kind of certification in HVAC equipment and was quite experienced. On the contrary, I was a graduate who happened to become dudley’s right hand man during the beginning days of the his HVAC company. I did not know how to fix a furnace, or troubleshoot problems with thermostats, and the best I could accomplish was handling your deep clean of your air ducts, and also the replacement of your air filtration system, so none of my fellow workers liked the fact that I was now the boss. That is why, instead of acting as the boss, I had a meeting and told the collection of associated HVAC service techs that I would only deal with the phone calls and the paperwork, and let them handle the rest. Following that, the AC repair business went pretty great for that month.

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