Cool Bedroom

We just move into a new home. It is not really newly built, but it is new to us. My wife and I saved for many years to be able to make this move with our family and could not be any happier about it. But since we moved in last week, our HVAC has been struggling to cool our home down. Often it is dark before the indoor temperature drops as low as the thermostat setting. Then the next day, when the hot sun is high in the sky, the house is too hot to be comfortable again. My wife and I notice a pattern yesterday and could not believe what we found. We realized that each day, when the house would get hot, everyone would be complaining and trying to find some sort of cool breeze for relief. Everyone that is, except my oldest son. He would quietly retire to his room. I followed him this last time and found out that the air conditioning works perfectly well in his bedroom. It is actually a little too cold in there, truth be told. I found him under his blanket, reading a book in the climate controlled bedroom. I opened his door and stuck a fan there to suck some of the cool air from his room, to try to take some of the heat and humidity out of the home for the rest of us. I made an appointment with an HVAC company to find what is blocking the other ducts from letting the air conditioning cool the whole house down.

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