Connecting the system to my smart phone

Most of the time having a roommate can be a undoubtedly wonderful thing. It can be a wonderful thing due to the fact that then you can split some of your bills in half. They pay half of the rent for example; For another instance suffering through having a roommate can be a challenging thing. For instance, I have some trouble with our roommate always building up Energy bill each week. She is irresponsible and turns the air conditioner up undoubtedly high. I always turn it back down however she almost never says anything to me. So every time I pass the control unit I make sure to do a double check on the thermostat reading to see what temperature the control unit is set at. I do this to ensure that she did not turn the control unit back to freezing temperatures without telling me. I am aware that that the people I was with and I split the energy bill but I would like to pay less money than the folks I was with and I are now, however our apartment is perfectly nice at the my preferred temperature. She goes to the drastic & makes the apartment either undoubtedly overheated or undoubtedly frigid. It is not undoubtedly comfortable for myself and others to stay in at those thermostat settings. I wish I could have the control unit connected to our smartphone. Then I could be aware of the settings on the unit at all times. I could even check it when I am not at the house. Then I would think for sure if she were turning the control unit up or down while I am not there to see her. It would genuinely help myself and others to control the yearly bills that the people I was with and I fork out the dough each month a lot more. One day she may come to her senses.

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