Complex with HVAC systems

I moved into a new apartment several months ago. It’s a studio apartment, and I am enjoying not having to live with roommates for the first time in my life. I chose the apartment because it is only three blocks from my office, so my commutes are very easy. I love the location because I’m also able to come home for lunch everyday and save money by not having to eat out. I do have one major complaint about this apartment complex. The HVAC systems are not Dependable at all. Since I moved in I have had to schedule three maintenance visits to have the air conditioning fixed. An air conditioning system is crucial in my opinion, and the property owner should invest more money and some better units. I pay a pretty high rent so that I can live in such a nice building in a good location, and I expect to have appliances that are well-maintained. The last time I had to schedule a maintenance visit it was a full day before the mechanic made it out to my apartment. He was apologetic, but it was frustrating because it was a Saturday and I had to leave my apartment because it was so uncomfortable. Property Owners should Place high priority on they’re HVAC units because they can really improve or tarnish a renter’s experience living in a complex.I have made up my mind that if this happens again I’m going to file a complaint. If the owners still do not fix my problem, I’m going to break my lease early and look for housing elsewhere. This is simply unacceptable in my opinion.