Coming back to ac

About eight weeks ago, I brought home a puppy. She is easily the most precious, sassy, energetic puppy I’ve ever met. She is such a nice little pup, plus I can’t imagine life without her. One of her preferred things to enjoy doing is go on a long walk, and while I like making her feel glad plus going on walks, I cannot handle to do it while all of us were in the middle of the day. We live in the deep south, so it’s seriously sizzling hot while all of us were in the nights; As soon as I leave our air conditioned apartment, I’m beset by the overwhelming heat from the sun… Most days, the temps reach into the low 1 hundreds or high nineties, making it unbearable to be out in, and it’s so hot, that I cannot stand to be outside walking our puppy for more than a couple minutes. She doesn’t delight in being out in the heat either, because she starts panting plus looking for cool water. Since she’s only a puppy, she’s still not potty trained too well. I find myself taking her outside into the heat several times each day, trying to get her to use the potty. As soon we all come back inside, all of us both breathe a sigh of relief. We could be outside for less than 5 minutes, however as soon as all of us step into that crisp a/c, all of us believe much better. I savor to keep our a/c set at 78 degrees, because that is the most satisfying temperature to return home to after a walk in the sun. I suppose the puppy enjoys that temperature  as well because she always seems to be comfortable inside. Although all of us live down in the south, we are happy for fall to arrive, even though the temps will only decrease by a few degrees.

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