College dorm air conditioning

The single thing a college dorm room is good for is an air conditioner that doesn’t work right. I felt like breathing was extremely difficult and using ice chips and a small fan to cool down was becoming really old. Additionally, my nose was almost always stuffy and I felt like I could hardly breathe. It had to be around a hundred degrees outside and, together with the humidity, It was unpleasant. The dorm maintenance staff stated numerous times that today it would be fixed, but as the day went on, it was only getting hotter. I had finals to review for and, on a sunday, there really wasn’t anywhere else to go. The air conditioner had been out of order for three weeks now and I was beginning to think that not a single person who was some sort of HVAC expert had any idea what the issue was. It would develop a buzzing sound anytime you switched it on and only stale, hot air would come out. I was most likely going to fail my final tomorrow, because I really needed to study as much as possible, but the room was simply too uncomfortable. I made some angry calls to my RA and told them, if they did not have it fixed as soon as possible, I would report them to the newspaper or all of the blogs on campus. I didn’t like using threats, but I was getting hotter by the second. Luckily this tactic eventually worked, and three hours and one technician later, I was on my way to an intense study session in a very nice, cool room. I never want to experience a broken A/C again.

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