Cold climate control

My boyfriend and I suspected that our A/C unit was not reaching the temperature we set it to for about a month or so. Just recently we had to actually face the problem head-on. We always set our thermostat on the very cool side of the thermometer for the vast majority of the night. This allows us to stay comfortable when we bundle up in bed for the night. After sweating through our pajamas in a supposedly 70-degree environment, we knew that our suspicions were unfortunately confirmed. We called our area’s HVAC specialist into the future and inspect our HVAC unit, wondering what the problem was while we waited to be able to get there. He arrived promptly and did start to inspect the unit in a fashion that showed he was quite experienced from this issue. He quickly found that your source of the problem was provided by our air filters. It turns out that filters can not only diminish the grade of air that the A/C emits when too dirty, but it can also prevent the air from getting as cool as it needs to be. We had even set the thermostat at a lesser amount than normal temperatures, but that basically clogged the filter more due to pushing out more air compared to usual. Once our filters ended up changed, the air was refreshingly normalized. Now I don’t sweat at all during a good night’s sleep.

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