Climate control when pregnant

My wife Tara is a few months pregnant. I’m always making sure she stays happy and healthy. I purchase her vitamins and all of her favorite foods. I also make sure she eats healthy foods like fruits and veggies. I have Tara do physical activities to stay fairly active, and another important thing I monitor is temperature control. I never knew how vital it is to have the perfect heating and cooling for a pregnant woman. Tara is rarely happy with the temperature in our apartment. If the air conditioning is on, the apartment feels too cold and miserable to her. But when I crank up the heater, she’ll complain about how sweaty she is. I struggle to keep the perfect temperature for her, because she seems to be unhappy with whatever the HVAC settings are. I’ve consulted an HVAC technician to help keep her comfortable, since I also hate to be yelled at. He told me to get a smart thermostat installed for her. This allows Tara to operate the heating and cooling from her phone. It’s up to her to decide on a temperature, so she doesn’t need to yell at me if she’s too hot or too cold.  The HVAC business could have charged me 600 dollars for the thermostat, and I still would have bought it. Pregnant women are scary when they’re mad, so I’ll do whatever I can to make them happy.

smart thermostat