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It was thrilling when I acquired my first house fifteen years prior, it was already close to a century old, I believe. I could not ignore the immense amount of character involving old world charm it previously had. Not even the obvious scope of work that must be done was enough to scare me away. The price overall reflected these imperfections too, so I decided to take on this labor of true love. In this moment, I had finally actualized my lifelong plan to live in a historical old victorian house. The first thing that would have to be done was the insulation with the attic and walls. There was some present, but it was a ratty job that must be redone. Next was the HVAC system or simply lack thereof. Being that our property was super old, there was obviously no official climate control system in place. The only thing I had to promote for heating was the antique fireplace, which was neat, but I was quickly running low on trees to harvest logs. So I decided to obtain an HVAC system installed by one of the many local specialty shops. They sat me down to talk about climate control options within upon budget I was working by using. I was surprised to observe how HVAC technology had advanced since my parents were looking for a new heating and cooling system a couple decades earlier. It was all especially mathematical, based on the climate control components available and also the square footage of the spaces I was hoping to have covered by the brand-new HVAC system. In the end it was eventually all a relatively enjoyable learning experience for me.

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