Climate control and night

I find that life is funny, and so are the individuals you meet in it. Everyone is different and everyone has their own odd quirks and peculiarities. There are two individuals who agree on everything, or can see eye to eye on even obscure topics without any real consequences or relevance. I can include myself inside these blanket statements on various topics, but namely, I have got a peculiar set of preferences concerning my indoor air temperature. I understand it isn’t normal, but I spend my days feeling astonishingly cold, and desiring for the oxygen around me to be moderately warm so that I can be comfortable. Then at night, out of nowhere, I am  freakishly warm, and I need my environment to cool down so I can drift off to sleep. Because of these strange necessities, I am constantly adjusting my thermostat to appease my internal temperature, and it becomes a burden to remember to make these changes twice daily. That’s why I’m so intent on getting a programmable thermostat for the house. I have been looking into the current models, and it appears that temperature control devices are cheaper than ever right now. I can easily acquire a new thermostat which will let me boost the temperature starting round 7am, catalyzing an easy wake up for me in the early morning. Then the program can drop the indoor air temp starting around 8pm to allow  me to easily drift off to sleep whenever I lay down. This sounds like paradise for me, and I cannot wait to get my new HVAC system in place!

digital thermostat