Climate control and coffee beans

Coffee is my one true vice. I don’t smoke, nor do I drink, and I’ve never in my life gambled or played games of chance. Nope, pretty much I’m a normal guy, except for when it comes to coffee. I’m addicted to it — but not just any coffee. I’m constantly looking for the best possible cup of joe from anywhere in the world. I like to try different blends from different countries, see how they compare and contrast. No sugar or cream for me, thanks, I always take it black. My obsession reached a whole new level once I started growing my own, even though it required me to upgrade to a new HVAC climate control system just to accommodate the plants. This is how bad I need new kinds of coffee, so much that I dropped a few thousand bucks on a cooling system just to make sure I could precisely control the temperature and moisture levels in my grow room. The humidity, ventilation, and air quality levels are all extremely important when dealing with coffee beans. Of course they grow in nature, without any sort of climate control, but that is in their native environment, not in the middle of a city apartment. With so much pollution and dry air around, I need complete climate control to make sure these little beauties grow as tasty as possible. Since I run my HVAC system so much these days, my utility bills have really gone through the roof. But it’s all worth it, because without the HVAC I would be drinking much worse coffee.

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