Cleaning out my air duct system

When I bought my house, I was worried about a problem with the HVAC. The heating and air unit in the house were both fairly new, in good condition, with high SEER and AFUE star ratings. In spite of them, my monthly power bills were outrageous. The system seemed to run continuously and struggle to attain thermostat settings. I knew this was not only a waste of energy but it was also causing additional wear and tear on my heating and cooling system. Typically, if the HVAC system is forced to work harder than it should, it wears faster and is subject to much more frequent repairs. I was also aware of frequent fluctuations in temperature, and hot and cold spots throughout the house. I knew these were clear indications that my duct system was leaking. I was not happy about having to hire a neighborhood contractor to seal the duct system, because a lot of the work is hidden in the walls and ceiling and I was not pleased at the idea of a huge renovation and mess. Then I contacted an area HVAC contractor and he told me about a process called Aeroseal. With Aeroseal technology, at least 85 percent of the imperfections around the ductwork are sealed. It works by going after the holes from the inside out. Adhesive particles are blown inside the ductwork and compressed, making them speed up and exit through any cracks or holes. As the particles escape, they seal the edges of the imperfections and thereby, seal the leak. It’s really great because you don’t have to tear down walls, create a huge mess and smell and there’s no damage to the ductwork. It is truly is an incredible process and most definitely improved the efficiency and overall operation of my furnace and air conditioner.

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