Cleaning my air vent

I are in a really big city, well I used to live in a really major city. I very quickly priced out of affordable housing for my wage bracket. So now I live inside far out suburbs just outside the city. It’s not so bad for May possibly a way nicer apartment for the money I would have paid in the city. I now commute day to day by train, which has the country’s perks. Some days I might get all my extra work done on the commute to and from, other days For certain i will just read a good book or like a cocktail in the bar auto. The only thing I dread is that sometimes it can just get so overcrowded with regard to my comfort. They keep the environment vents blasting full speed all the train ride and worse these people keep their cooling system set on the lowest possible temperature. They want to freeze you out, it looks, but I am told it happens to be for sanitary reasons. Apparently, with the sheer number of people that travel the show daily, the cold air will kill the germs and keeps scents away. I can only imagine just what their HVAC technician has to face on a weekly, if not bi-weekly basis transforming out and cleaning air vents bring back many people travelling daily. I really want to chose the thermostat box one day and try and break it open just to help shut it down. I am certain that that would turn many heads! For now the bar car and jackets can keep me warm.air conditioning