Cleaning my air ducts

When I visit my parents once a month I always try to help them out around the house, and they have a 10 acre plot of land where their modern-style home is on, so it requires a lot of upkeep. There’s always lawn to be mowed or something to be fixed whenever I’m around. The last time I went to see them, they had been having trouble with their Heating and A/C system. The first thing I did was change the air filter for them, then I gave the rest of the system a thorough examination, and lastly I always make sure the ductworks are cleaned out about every other year so that they do not acquire too much dust and dirt. This is what I figured that their issue was. They told me that the a/c had not been very efficient, plus they we’re having to run it all the time just to keep the place cool; After realizing that the issue was with their ductworks, I called a HVAC professional to schedule an appointment to come and clean them out. The Heating and A/C system will be back to normal after everything is cleaned out. Too much dust and dirt in a cooling system can cause it to over-labor itself, plus this leads to high yearly bills. I hope that everything is working for them again because I want to think that they are comfortable at their house! My parents are the best and they have always help me out, so I want to return the favor.

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