Cleaning all of my clothing

About once a week, I make my way down the street, to the laundromat.  While my clothes are washing, I take a brisk walk around the block.  This is an outing I look forward to since I don’t think I could go much longer than a week, before not having any clothes.   When the weather turns bad, I like the experience of the coin operated massage chair.  For a couple bucks in quarters, I can a fifteen massage that will jiggle everything back into place.  I don’t just relax, but I am assured that I don’t have to worry about the weather being a reason to interfere with my relax time.  I have never been anywhere that has better climate control system than that in the laundromat.  I used to think that it would be the cheapest AC available to keep people from loitering, and because of the humidity in the place.  That is the exact opposite, because pumps out the humidity and makes the indoor air, absolutely perfect.  The level of climate control in this laundromat is able to be installed because of the extravagant price we pay for the washer and dryers.  I for one, think that a great HVAC system is well worth the extra quarters, and it is so silent.  It probably cost a fortune, but it is like something you would find in a palace.  The first time I spent an afternoon at the laundromat, I knew I would need to go back because the air conditioning and furnace in my home does not come close.

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