Chilly theater AC

Just lately, I went to go see a musical being put on by some local talent in our town. It was being held inside the performing arts center outside from my house. Even despite the fact that a snowstorm had just ravaged this town, and even though the temperatures were very low for the beginning of March, I walked over to the performing arts center to see a good show. Well, when I managed to get to the building, I walked to the box office, glad that the HVAC system was pumping heat inside the main lobby of the building. It was good to feel the heater working when the environment outside was so cold. I distinctly remember thinking how impressive it was subsequently that they could get the heater working in that large building, and I remember wondering what the ducts might have looked like. After I bought my ticket, I walked to the location of the main theater. When I walked in the doors of the theater, I was hit by way of wave of cold air. At the start, I wondered if someone had let the chilly air from outside right into that hall, but then I realized it was the air conditioner running wild. Someone had either misused that thermostat, or the thermostat was broken, but there was not a soul that I could tell about this. I shuffled over to a seat, shivering, and sat all the way down, ready to brave the cold for the show. And, true to form, the air conditioning was blasting through the entire whole show. The members of the pit orchestra were having a hard go of it as a result of A/C, and the actors onstage looked like it very uncomfortable.

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