Chilly air is always a problem

My partner and I take a trip during the summer each year, because the weather is so wonderful. During the last year though, the two of us decided to vacation in the winter. We’d never been away from our apartment during the holidays. Because of this, we decided to switch it up. The two of us decided to visit the mountains for an entire week. Currently, we live in the south, so we never get to see the mountains. The winter season down here is always 60 degrees. Last winter, we wore shorts and tshirts and drank margaritas by the pool. We don’t have the best weather for skiing, but we adore it. We never have the chance to experience chilly weather, so we visited the mountains. We decided to rent a home that was located atop a giant mountain. The views from our balcony were spectacular, so you could see for several miles away. It appeared to be the perfect perfect winter getaway, until the furnace stopped functioning. We’d woken up early in the morning, so we noticed how the temperature changed. We could see our breath lingering within the chilly air. We also noticed snow on the ground. We received almost 5 inches during the night. We decided to call the owner right away about the heating problems. Thankfully our place had a fireplace included. There was so much snow on the roads that we couldn’t leave. There was no way to get maintenance work done.

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