Cheering with no AC

My daughter Annie is a little league cheerleader.  Every year her whole team competes in a competition.  The competition is normally held in a local high school gym. The school provides for the event and there’s always tons of young kids competing.  It is helpful that the competition is in a school, and usually not far from our house.  It is a safe and convenient venue. However, high school gymnasiums are rarely equipped with air conditioning. The gym invites a lot of  cheerleading teams, until they are at full capacity.  The he indoor air temperature is often overheated during those competitions. It feels like it is at least a 100 degrees in the gym with all those kids and no access air conditioning. The schools in the area should consider how hot and uncomfortable the  kids become. The competition is a physical endeavor. The kids dance, stunt, tumble and cheer. They end up  breaking out in a sweat, and most of the parents and fans in the audience are also overheated and sticky.  Everyone fans themselves, but that isn’t  the best form of cooling.  Without air conditioning, there is no other choice.  Even just sitting around on our butts, we are wet with sweat. It is tempting to bring a portable air conditioner, locate an outlet and plug it in. Then I could stand in front of the AC and let my daughter cool off before she performs. I could probably charge a fee for other fans and  cheerleaders to take advantage of the air conditioner. After attending these competitions, several years in a row, I would pay a large amount of money for some air conditioning.

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