Checking thermostat and the HVAC was not right

I was excited about my new apartment. I had just moved to a new city in the northeast, and although time of year was not idea, nothing could contain my excitement about a new beginning. Moving during the winter months was not the easiest, but since I hired a moving company, I could already look forward to my cozy apartment and blasting the heat. The day I moved in was about three days after a pretty bad snow storm. Luckily, the move still went very smoothly, and I was able to run errands all day so that I could come home that night and just relax. By the time I arrived home, it was dark out, and I could feel the temperature outside dropping quickly. I ran inside and turned the thermostat to 83 degrees. The heat had been off all day since the door was open the movers coming in and out, so I wondered how long it would take to heat up. I decided to take a hot shower with hopes that by the time I got out, it would be warm inside. When I stepped outside the bathroom, it somehow felt even colder than it was when I got into the bathroom. I checked the thermostat and although, the heat was set to 83, the temperature inside had gone down a degree. The air actually felt cool and not warm at all. I checked the vents and had the same experience. I wasn’t sure what the issue could be. I tried googling what the issue could be, since it was too late to contact the property. After reading way too many articles, my best guess was that it hadn’t been serviced for the year, and something was not working properly. My first night was definitely not going to be my best.

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