Checking my thermostat

Often during life, it seems that bad things happen at some of the most inopportune moments, just to punch you when you’re down. Now, I wouldn’t say I’m a very unlucky person, but I hardly ever am a lucky one. I manage to get by and make the most of things but sometimes situations arise where there’s nothing you can improve and it’s so frustrating to remain stuck in them. A month or two ago, in the midst of winter, on possibly the coldest nights we had yet so far, our furnace suddenly stopped doing its job. There was no loud clanging noise to show something broke, the system hadn’t been showing signs of wearing, but it just stopped working abruptly with no one knowing the reason why. Everyone in the house was asleep right at  that moment but my son came in super early that next morning complaining that the house had ended up being way too cold. And after being woken, I felt the chill inside air. I got up to be sure the thermostat was working and it was only 50 degrees Fahrenheit in our home! The system was turned for the heating setting but there undoubtedly wasn’t any heat. So, with the furnace broken down on one of several coldest days of the year and my kid from school for the winter break, what could I do to save the day? I tried to schedule a repair off  the list of HVAC companies in the area but not one of them had any openings until at the least three days from then. I called my parents who lived one hour away and arranged for us to stay with them for now, but I’d hate to imagine the situation we’d  have to deal with, if our furnace broke and they weren’t around.

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