Chaperoning daughter’s field trip and there’s no air conditioning on bus

When my eight-year-old daughter, Shannon, asked me to chaperone her school field trip, I figured it would be a great opportunity to spend some time with her.  We were scheduled to tour a historical fort, and the field trip would take up the entire school day.  On the morning of the field trip, the outside temperature was eighty-three degrees and steadily rising.  The humidity was brutal, and I was looking forward to boarding the air conditioned charter bus.  I was extremely disappointed when I discovered that we were traveling by school bus.  The drive took an hour and a half, and there was no air conditioning on the bus.  For safety reasons, the windows only lowered by a couple of inches, which did not allow in enough of a breeze to provide relief.  The seats of the bus were extremely uncomfortable, and I ended up with a severe headache by the time we arrived.  I assumed that we would tour inside a nice and cool fort, and that certain areas would be air conditioned.  Instead, we spent the entire day outside, exposed to the hot sun, and there was no breeze.  It took forever to slather sunblock on all the kids.  Because of the heat, the kids constantly wanted to stop for drinks of water.  Because of drinking so much water, the kids constantly needed to use the bathroom.  We were all drenched with sweat, tired and sunburned when we climbed back on the school bus to head home.  I couldn’t wait to get off that bus, climb inside my car and crank the air conditioning.  I don’t plan to ever volunteer to chaperone again.  

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