Ceiling fan issues

As a child, I grew up on a farm. Not surprisingly, my folks had an old university mentality about things. When it came to money, “A penny saved was a penny earned.” With respect to water, if my parents “had a dime for every minute we left the water on while brushing our teeth, they’d have been millionaires by the time we were out of diapers.” And when the topic of ventilation and cooling came up, the response was consistent “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Truth is, our family’s air conditioning unit was in fact broken. It was so broken that it was nonexistent. Ever since our parents lived in the condo I knew, they never had to provide any of what they referred to as mere “commodities:” heating, cooling, and ventilation. When the weather turned wintry, they’d bundle us in every piece of wool clothing they had to stay warm. Contrarily, when the  warm season arrived, they’d simply crack a couple windows and turn on the ceiling fans. As adequate as that seemed, something just didn’t seem quite right to me. One morning, when I became of age, I called our local Heating, Ventilation and A/C company to get a fourth opinion on our living conditions. The shop rep was understanding of our situation, he explained that contrary to popular belief, ceiling fans don’t reduce the temperature of a room, they just make the room feel cool as long as it’s occupied. Once he told me that, I had enough knowledge to take back to my folks. Convincing them to get that long overdue Heating, Ventilation and A/C system installed would be a whole other story.

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