I’m happy about this

The two of us work in one of the most annoying factories ever. The two of us are always glad when our shift is over, because that means getting to leave this crazy Factory in which the two of us work. Today’s shift was extremely difficult, because it was very cold in side of the

I made this a priority

I recently took a job with a local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C company.  Although I knew barely anything about the heating and cooling industry, I was hired to answer the phones, schedule appointments, and handle paperwork.  After doing the job for almost a year, I was surprised that the majority of the company was dedicated

My problems are getting worse

Roommates are going to be what kills me. If that doesn’t happen, I may turn prematurely grey haired! I am so over having to explain myself about Heating plus Air Conditioning usage, energy waste, along with heating plus cooling efficiency! I couldn’t live with many more unusual individuals. It’s as if someone was creating a

Another birthday

My current summertime job is starting to be a royal pain in my side! I thought it would be a very easy as well as fast way to make some money for my school tuition, but actually, it is one constant struggle to wash up after people. People seem to feel that since they are

I want a cooling unit

I care about summertime so much that all my family plus friends tease me about it all of the time. I just can’t stand to be freezing for one minute of the day! When the winter months are here, my heating bill is off the charts since I run my Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C constantly.

I love this indoor air quality

I run several condo buildings. I am not really the proprietor, but I am the building supervisor! So, I take over the greater projects such as overseeing modern paint jobs, repairs and most especially HVAC upkeep. A lot of people just don’t realize the toil that goes into keeping a whole building’s heating and cooling