Can’t live together due to heating and cooling differences

I don’t think I can ever live with my girlfriend Jane. She likes to be together all of the time. Constantly we have to get together and hang out. She needs to much attention and I need too much alone time. Additionally we have a heating and cooling issue. Jane gets overheated easily. She must run a few degrees hotter than the average woman. She always is opening car windows and turning on AC. She has her whole apartment worked with central air conditioning. I literally freeze everytime I come over. I have to wear winter gear just to watch a movie. The air conditioning is just that intense. See I am the opposite. I love being really toasty warm. I like to have my gas heater running at all times. In the spring and early summer I still run my heating system. I would way rather take off layers than put more on. I know using the furnace excessively costs a lot, but I hate being cold. I always start my car really early. I hate getting in a cold vehicle. I do not even own an air conditioner. How can Jane and I live together then? Will she always be sweaty and hot or will I be freezing cold all of the time? There is HVAC zone control technology that heats and cools different locations in the house to different temperatures. We could do that type of HVAC equipment. But we never will be able to be in the same room then. So while it sounds great, living together is not possible.

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