Can’t have any ac

During the weekend I attended the national championship play-offs for the particular board game Scrabble. You know the game, I’m sure? Everyone knows that great game, even if they don’t participate in it. Well my aunt Susan is a professional player. She goes to different sponsored tournaments everywhere, sometimes even to other international places. I don’t know if it pays well at all, but it generally seems to bring her joy. So when she said she was playing in my little town, I had to go meet her so I could watch her play. It really was a lot more exciting than I expected, but not when the air conditioning in the conference hall went during middle of the match. The place hadn’t even started to cool off yet, as soon as all those air vents went quiet, your players started getting very, very distracted. These folks all very intently focused on the game, but having no AC would annoy them and cause them to become uncomfortable and maybe even a bit lazy, so they started complaining the minute it occurred. And thank God they did, because those complaints got the game organizers to get in touch with a local HVAC repair supplier within just a few short. The game rules say that once a game title starts it must go on, and so the players were all nervous waiting for the AC repair team to arrive so that they could focus more. All the onlookers, like everyone, could just go next door for the air conditioned refreshment area for a little bit of relief, but the players were forced to stay right where they were. There was an audible sigh associated with relief when an air conditioning service technician finally arrived, and were able to save the day.

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