Can’t get smart HVAC technology

I make an effort to do everything I can to not rely on internet. With the way our world is going right now, the internet is really important. Our phones connect to the internet now. We need thermostats that run on Wifi. There is a Wifi operated thermostat called a smart thermostat. It works with web connection and can run the HVAC system in your house. You’ll be able to control heating and air conditioning from the comfort of your phone. The thermostat then learns a weekly HVAC program to automate itself. You change the temperature within your phone, tablet or computer. In that case after doing that, the thermostat changes in a way that you would like it to. Additionally the thermostat will alert you on too dry or too moist quality of air and when you need to maintain your equipment. You can control the water levels with using Wifi additionally. Also air filter changes notify your phone right away and tells you when it’s next needed. How great is this HVAC technology? I can’t have this HVAC equipment though. I just don’t have the internet powers for the tech. I live in the center of nowhere. I am surrounded by trees and internet may as well be the rare mythical unicorn that I have only gotten a glimpse of from time to time. My temperature control could not necessarily be confined to a weekly program. I should not have to connect to Wifi using my phone, computer or other device. So I am stuck using a plain old digital thermostat placed on my wall. It is a sad life living like you are still in the seventies. But I really do not have any other option.

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