Can’t get rid of HVAC crew

My mom and dad had decided on doing some remodeling to the lavatories as soon as the weather was pleasant enough for the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C team to task inside & outside. The team started the job out straight-forward enough, our main lavatory already had an original air vent to draw the hot steam out from the showers but it really needed updating, while we worked in the lake house they wanted to connect our other lavatory up with an air vent. The different lavatories are on opposite parts of the lake house so for the month that they were in the house, there was no way to really escape the presence of the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C team, as quiet & helpful & kind as they were. I felt under a lot of stress, I was starting my current employment. In times of stress such as this I prefer to make sure I get my exercise in at least twice every day… Once early in the day & once in the evening. There wasn’t enough space in my kitchen for my exercise mat for all the positions I need to do so I do my exercise in the living room. But unfortunately, the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C team had already set up shop right in this open space, spreading out their tools right where I should be doing my stretching & exercising. In order to install the needed air vents for the lavatory the team had to cut a hole in that lavatory roof and then feed the tubing upstairs through the attic. But since the way into the attic was on the far side of the house, all afternoon they were stomping up & down, in & out, everywhere in the house constantly. I had chosen to move the kitchen table further back & set up my exercise mat & my laptop in the middle of the kitchen. This worked just fine, until I didn’t get to wipe it up in time, and by the time I changed for my job the crew had arrived & my exercise mat was covered in grime & dirt from them dragging an air duct tube from outside through my kitchen & up to the attic. I’ll be so thrilled when this is all over with.

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