Campus heating and cooling

When I was in college I had a biology class that got myself and others to go outdoors for some of our labs. It was because I enjoy getting outside the classroom on those days. I appreciate hands-on work, I realized this while I was in that class. Sitting in classrooms was no fun to me, as well as to make matters even worse, it seemed every one of us were always dealing with terrible A/Cs. When the HVAC units weren’t working, it made it strenuous to focus on lectures, as well as I assume the other kids as well as even our teachers felt the same. This was always so aggravating, because I paid so much cash, and that I didn’t want to have to deal with this inconvenience. I guess that the maintenance of the heating as well as cooling systems on campus should have been more prioritized. I believe it can be extravagant as well as time-consuming to get everything is in top shape, but that is the kind of thing that people expect when paying so much for an education.There were numerous times when I was tempted to file a complaint with the administrative staff about the HVAC issues, although I never got to it. I do not really know how much it would have done, other than making myself and others feel better for standing our ground.I hope that they have a better grip on the system by now. Hundreds of students will continue to pass through those classrooms each year. They deserve better.

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