Call the HVAC

I have an amazing memory.  Unfortunately, the things I remember are useless bits of nonsense, and about the past.  Another unfortunate thing about my amazing memory is that unless it is useless trivia, I forget it right away.  That is the reason why I had to get get the HVAC technician out to the house the other day.  My husband had been reminding me to call the HVAC service center to have the air conditioning serviced before summer set in.  I can remember everything that is important, but I usually remember because I write it on my list of things that must be done.  He told me to call the HVAC company, as I was walking out the door.   Three days later, he asked me if I had called the HVAC company.  I told him I had, and the minute he left for work, I called them.  I needed to have the service done today, because that is when I told my husband they would be there.  The gentleman at the HVAC service center told me they were all booked up until the following week, and now I was kicking myself, trying to figure out what to do.  That afternoon, there was a knock on the door.  There stood the HVAC service tech, and I couldn’t help but stare.  He told me that they had a phone call and he was in the neighborhood.  I was speechless.  That afternoon, my husband came home and asked if the HVAC service tech was here.  I was so proud because I could tell him yes.  He showed me the paper I was writing my list on.  He had written on it, ‘I called the HVAC center.  I knew you would forget.’

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