Buddy’s thermostat

Last summer was really a lot of fun.  It seemed that every weekend I was either at a party or at the beach.  I couldn’t have asked for more.  I could, however, have asked for less, when it came to my neighbor bragging about his HVAC system. Billy, the guy next door, hosted a barbeque at his house and wanted to impress people with the new HVAC system he had installed.  Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for him, but he always makes a point of telling everyone how much everything costs.  He has a really good job and loves to spend money.  He is under the impression that if it costs more, it must be better. He doesn’t seem to realize that the fact that he could control his system with his smartphone or that it was saving him 20% on his energy cost, was far more impressive than how much he spent. As he started telling his story for the fifth time, I started to think about the smart thermostat that he had installed.  I decided to contact my HVAC dealer and see if some of them were more reasonably priced.  I would love that technology in my home too. I was thrilled when I learned that there were several models within my price range.  I arranged for them to be installed a month or so ago and I am thrilled that, I too, am enjoying savings on my energy bills. I really should thank Billy for giving me the idea, but, I don’t think I can stand hearing about what else he has spent money on since the barbeque.  

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