Break up over A/C

My grandpa is disabled and we’ve lived together since my car accident last year. We’re both on our own and it really helps my outlook to have him here. He helps around the house, is neat and clean and helps me financially by splitting the rent. This is a life-saver because since my car accident, I’ve not been able to go back to work full-time and my bank account is looking pretty lame. Gramps and I get along really good with most things. The only point of contention I really have with him is he really likes it hot in the house. I can understand that, because I know he’s older and he has arthritis and heat is supposed to make it feel better, but he keeps the temperature control unit set so high, it’s like an oven in here some days. I’ve spoken to him about it and mentioned that maybe we are wasting electricity by keeping the furnace on so much. He’s very good about it and says yes, he agrees, he probably is operating the heater too frequently, but the very next day, the thermostat is set at eighty-five once again. He turns it up and I walk behind him and turn it back down. I’m sure that this constant up and down with the heating and cooling system can’t be beneficial for it.  My HVAC supplier is coming out next week for our regularly scheduled maintenance call and I’ll ask him what might be an amenable solution for Gramps and me and our overheated house.

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